So what now? Mat or Studio? How many sessions a week? How do I book?

Weekly Bookings

Studio: After your initial consultation you choose a designated a weekly class time-you will be booked in on a every week unless you cancel or reschedule. This appointment is yours, and can be reserved for you should you take time off for up to six weeks.

Mat or Studio?

Home Practice

Habits are made outside of the studio.... 


Although we have a ‘casual’ pricing option our studio sessions and mat classes are not open for ‘drop-in’ clients’.  Creating a Pilates habit is about changing your body for the long term and a weekly commitment to better movement inside and outside of the studio is required for change

Pricing Scale

Our pricing scale reflects the

generally the smaller the cost per session the less individualised attention and hands on you’ll get from the instructor.

You get what you pay for: to put it crudely