Studio Sessions

Our studio sessions are probably what we are best known for, and these sessions can be done in either ‘private’ or ‘semi-private’ form. The semi-private structure allows you to share the instructor and the time with up to another two clients- arranged by the studio (or by yourself if you’d like to work alongside a friend or partner), and the private sessions are exactly that: just you and the instructor.

These one hour sessions are designed around the individual needs and long term goals of each client, and over time the sessions will increase in intensity as you improve your alignment, build strength and control. They will require the full focus of your mind as you learn how to move and control your body in new ways.

Initial Consultations
All new studio clients have an Initial Consultation to get started. This one hour session allows you to get your head around the space and equipment, to get acquainted with your instructor, and to chat about your concerns or set any movement goals. In this first meeting we will take notes on your health and movement history, observe your movement patterns and how they might be more efficient, and introduce you to the equipment and the fundamentals of Pilates based exercise. You’ll most likely walk away with some homework to set in motion the wheels of change.

After attending your Initial Consultation you can decide, with the guidance of your instructor, whether to attend some private sessions, or if you’re perhaps ready for the semi-private environment. You can then choose an appointment time from the schedule to attend on a weekly basis. A commitment to at least one studio session per week is required- we do not promote casual attendance in these sessions as we feel this goes against the nature of the way we teach.

The Pilates equipment is designed to allow modification and variation of just about any exercise- which is why Pilates is so well known for assisting with limitations caused by injuries and health conditions.
The Reformer, Trapeze Table and Wundachair use spring resistance to help you find the most efficient movement pattern for the movement at hand, or provide a challenge when appropriate. The Ladder Barrel and Spine Corrector are used to find length and space in your spine and limbs, and challenge body strength against gravity. On top of our traditional Pilates equipment we have an array of small props and tools for myofascial and muscular release, balance and proprioception.

A studio session will move your body through all planes of movement and aim to move all of the joints in your body with the objective of creating mobility, alignment and control- we believe that along with good breathing this is how ‘core control’ is created.
The benefits go even deeper than healthy joints and strong abdominals though: the focus on training the deep postural muscles will assist in reversing hours spent at a desk, driving, breastfeeding or any other pattern repeated on a daily basis. As alignment and posture improve so too will breathing and digestion, your neck and shoulder tension will ease, and headaches may lessen. The focus on breathing and awareness of the body in motion will lower stress levels and soothe anxiety. 
A regular practice will allow your body to become strong, resilient, and capable of everything in daily living. The best part is, studio Pilates can work for everybody, regardless of age, sex, or fitness abilities. Pilates isn’t something you have to be fit to do, it’s something you do to be fit!

If you’d like to book in for an Initial Consultation or discuss anything further, you can contact us on 0402 467 895 or via email.

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Special Populations in the Studio




We feel studio Pilates is the ideal way to exercise the pre or post natal body; everything in the session is tailored for your body, taking into account the changes that are happening throughout the different stages of your pregnancy, and how you feel on the day. Pre-natally your studio sessions will be designed around strengthening the muscles that support your body with the load of the growing baby, and prepare for the birth through breathing and release techniques. You’ll also lay the groundwork for your postnatal healing in this time.

For the early post partum stages we offer an 8 Week Post Natal Course- designed for returning to movement and exercise after birth. After understanding your birth story and your history of movement we take you through an exercise programme that allows for the body to build gradually towards to full strength. We use breathing and release techniques, along with retraining of the abdominals and pelvic floor to assist in the recovery of Diastasis Recti, relief from the aches and pains that can arise from breastfeeding and lifting, and to find a sense of self embodiment again. Post Natal bodies are of course welcome to join our regular studio sessions, and also our Mums and Bubs circuit class.


Pilates for Seniors


Pilates reduces the risk of falls, safely increases bone density and can improve quality of life and cognitive function.
Pilates for Seniors classes are circuit style classes developed to include low impact exercises, limb and core strengthening exercises specific to the requirements of our older population. If you’re over 65 and think you would benefit from these classes then get in touch. Classes run with a minimum of three clients and maximum of five so get some friends together and get moving!