Studio Sessions

At Room For Movement studio Pilates sessions can be done either as a private class or a semi-private. The semi-private structure allows you to share the instructor and the time with up to another two clients- arranged by the studio (or by yourself if you’d like to work alongside a friend or partner.)
These one hour classes require the full focus of your mind as you learn how to move and control your body in new ways. They are designed around the individual needs and long term goals of each client, and over time the sessions will increase in intensity as you build strength, mobility and control.

We ask that all new clients have an Initial Consultation to get started, this session allows you to get your head around the space and equipment, to get acquainted with your instructor, and to chat about your concerns or set any movement goals. Before moving into duets we recommend at least five of these private sessions to clients who are brand new to Pilates, this means you’ve had some exposure to the equipment, the Pilates vocabulary and the basic movements before sharing the time with anyone else.

The use of specialised Pilates equipment means exercises can be modified and varied in many ways including to suit special populations, and clients with injuries or health conditions. The Reformer, Cadillac and Wundachair use spring resistance to help you activate the most appropriate muscles for the movement and can either aid or challenge the movement at hand. The Ladder Barrel and Spine Corrector are used to find length and space in your spine and limbs, and challenge body strength against gravity.

If you’d like to book in for an Initial Consultation or discuss anything further, you can contact us on 0402 467 895 or via email.


T’s and C’s

All class packages have expiry dates after which time any remaining classes cannot be used. Packages can be paused for up to one month if requested in writing and with advance notice.

IC and Casual Classes : 1 month after purchase

5 Pack : 7 weeks after first session

10 Pack : 14 weeks after first session

Studio Pilates Pricing and Conditions

Initial Consultation……………$100
Studio Semi-Private Casual..............$50    
Studio Semi-Private 5 Pack..............$240    
Studio Semi-Private10 Pack...........$460    

Studio Private Casual..........$100    
Studio Private 5 Pack..........$460    
Studio Private 10 Pack.......$900  


Special Populations in the studio





We feel studio Pilates is the ideal way to exercise the pre or post natal body; everything in the session is tailored for your body, taking into account the changes that are happening through your pregnancy, and how you feel on the day.
Pre-natally, we strengthen the muscles that support your body with the load of the growing baby, and prepare for the birth through breathing and release techniques. Many women claim to have a more successful pregnancy, delivery and recovery when supported by a regular Pilates practice.
Post-natal recovery is always easier when Mum has been moving regularly in the pre-natal period. After understanding your birth story and your history of movement we develop an exercise programme that allows for the body to gradually return to full strength. We use release techniques and retraining of the abdominals and pelvic floor to assist in the recovery of a Diastasis recti, relief from the aches and pains that can arise from breastfeeding, and to find a sense of self embodiment and control over your body.


Bring your Baby


We also offer mid morning studio sessions where you can bring along your baby to class: these session times are reserved specifically for Mums or Dads and their little ones- where there’s no pressure to keep quiet, time to feed and the flexibility to roll with how your baby feels on the day!


Pilates for Seniors


Pilates reduces the risk of falls, safely increases bone density and can improve quality of life and cognitive function.
Pilates for Seniors classes are circuit style classes developed to include low impact exercises, limb and core strengthening exercises specific to the requirements of our older population. If you’re over 65 and think you would benefit from these classes then get in touch. Classes run with a minimum of three clients and maximum of five so get some friends together and get moving!