Post Natal ‘Return to Exercise’ Course

Every quarter we welcome a group of five Mums onto our Post-Natal Pilates Course. Unlike other programmes that focus on ‘bouncing back’ or returning to ‘pre baby weight’ this course is designed to facilitate a gradual and respectful return to exercise for women who have recently given birth and are adapting to the endless physical demands of motherhood.


How does it work?

Our course comprises a series of classes at our studio in Petersham and optional extras that will empower you to continue a movement practice at home, and promote a better understanding of your body.

  • The in-house component of the course begins with an Initial Consultation in which you have the chance to discuss your movement history, and birth story with the instructor. In this session you’ll also cover the fundamentals of postpartum movement and start to build an understanding of your body through the exercises, all while familiarising yourself with the equipment.

  • It is followed by a series of weekly small group classes on the mat & the Pilates equipment (currently running on Thursdays at 1pm until 2pm.) The class structure is a combination of guided group work on the mat and a circuit on the equipment- classes are small enough that you are guaranteed tactile cueing and adjustments when required

  • The optional extras are intended to support your return to exercise during the course and after it’s completion. They include:


o An online accessible and downloadable homework programme

o An exercise band and soft Pilates ball

o 15 minute ‘Connect to Breath’ guided meditation

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Our next course will run for 8 weeks beginning 24th October with the last class on 12th December. Initial Consultations for new clients to the studio will begin from October 7th.

(The dates for the following intake will be set sometime in Nov/Dec 2019)

What to expect in class

Each class will begin with breathing, alignment work and myofascial release on the mat, you’ll then move around the studio on the Pilates equipment performing exercises that we’ve chosen to assist with the following:

  • Gently & gradually restore integrity to pelvic floor & abdominal tissue

  • Restore alignment and strength in the pelvis and spine

  • Assist in the recovery of Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation)

  • Counteract the effects of feeding & lifting on the shoulders, neck & spine

  • Reclaim your sense of self embodiment

The course is NOT about making drastic changes very quickly: Your body adapted to the growth of your baby over a nine month period and the tissues of your body need time to heal and repair gradually. These sessions will be focused on rebuilding tissue integrity and joint strength steadily (although we’re not saying that you won’t feel your glutes the next day), and giving you the tools to continue the work outside of the studio.

Bubs are welcome to join too. We suggest bringing a bouncer or something you can move them around the room in, or have them snooze in the pram. You are welcome to breastfeed or use the kettle to warm up a bottle at any time during the classes.
Upon completion of the course you are welcome to sign up for another round, or you could opt to move into our Mums and Bubs Circuit class, or into our studio sessions where you work specifically on your own body.

For the in depth full Terms and Conditions for the course click here.

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Pricing Breakdown

Initial Consultation (required for new clients)……………..$75 (25% off)

In-house Circuit Classes (x 8)……………………………..$280

Optional Homework Programme, Meditation Recording & Props…………….$50

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To register your interest pop in your details below and we’ll get the wheels in motion. Include your due date or how old your little one is to give us an idea of which intake might suit you best and we’ll go from there.

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