Pilates for Young Dancers

An 8 week course encompassing a one hour weekly class delivered on the mat & Pilates equipment, and a homework programme and accompanying theraband to continue the work at home.

Your Instructor

Rachael danced for all of her childhood and then followed the natural path of full time dance training after school. Initially her training was more classical but she later followed the contemporary pathway, finally completing a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Professional Stage Dance in 2008. Throughout her degree Rachael was plagued with lower back and sacrum pain, she was a regular at her local physiotherapist and to make her suffering worse she often sat on the sidelines watching her classmates rehearsing. In 2007 during a particularly bad bout of back pain she was introduced to Pilates.

Looking back and knowing how exposed her young, hypermobile body was to injury during that time she feels passionately about educating young dancers on the way in which they use their bodies, and empowering them with simple alignment and conditioning tools that they can use to support their bodies alongside recreational and formal dance training.

Course Content

Each class will run for 60 minutes and exercises in the course will include working on the mat and on the Pilates equipment. The exercises Rachael has chosen are specifically aiming to:

  • Increase Core strength and an understanding of why it’s important

  • Improve hip and glute strength and in turn improve turnout

  • Create better control and alignment of the feet, ankles and knees

  • Reduce the chance of injuries and lessen injury reoccurrence

Additionally students will be gifted a theraband and accompanying homework programme allowing them to replicate the work at home or in the dance studio after the course has finished- regular conditioning alongside dance training is what will really create a body that is fit for the demands of the dance studio.


Next Course Dates

Our next course begins Friday 2nd August and will run until the last class on 20th September. Classes will run for 60 minutes: 4pm-5pm.

Pricing and Booking

$200 payment required before the start of the course.

Please contact Rachael directly to book or to find out more.