Pilates isn’t something you have to be fit to do, it’s something you do to be fit!

About Pilates

Pilates was a man?

German born Joseph Pilates was sickly as a child; suffering multiple illnesses that affected his health and movement. Determined to overcome these disadvantages he educated himself on anatomy, and trained in bodybuilding, gymnastics, yoga and martial arts; and, by age 14 he was posing as a model for anatomical drawings.

Going on to be a diver, skier and gifted boxer, Pilates eventually toured the UK with a “Roman Gladiators” performance, and in the same period was employed by Scotland Yard as a self defence instructor. At the outbreak of World War II he was interned as an enemy alien, and he used this time to refine his method of ‘Contrology’. In the hospital wards he used his exercise system to improve the health of the ill and wounded soldiers.

‘Contrology’ gained popularity in Germany, and in the United States when he emigrated there. In 1926, Pilates and his parter Clara, a nurse, opened the first ‘Body Contrology Studio’ in New York. Together they trained many clients including those who would go on to become Pilates Elders, carrying on the teachings to make Contrology, now known as Pilates, what it is today.

Is Pilates just about core strengthening?

Pilates is probably most well known for it’s ‘core strengthening’ benefits but we feel there’s a whole lot more to Pilates that just core strength. A Pilates workout will move the body through all planes of movement and aim to move all of the joints in your body with the objective of creating mobility, alignment and control- we believe that along with good breathing this is how ‘core control’ is created.

The benefits go even deeper than healthy joints and strong abdominals though: The focus on training the deep postural muscles will go a long way in helping to reverse any hours spent sitting at a desk or driving, and as posture improves so too will breathing and digestion, your neck and shoulder tension will ease, and headaches might even lessen. The focus on breathing and awareness of the body in motion will lower stress levels and soothe anxiety. 

A regular practice will allow your body to become strong, resilient, and capable of everything required for daily living. The best part is, Pilates can work for everybody, regardless of age, sex, or fitness abilities. Pilates isn’t something you have to be fit to do, it’s something you do to be fit!

“As a heavy rainstorm freshens the water of a sluggish or stagnant stream, so does the Pilates method purify the bloodstream.”