Mat Classes

Our mat classes are designed to be flowing, full body workouts that promote spinal mobility, general strengthening and toning, improving flexibility and posture along the way. The sessions  are carried out altogether as a group with everyone working towards a common goal for the class. Classes are small with a maximum of 8 participants and minor adjustments and tactile cues are given throughout the class to ensure good form. 

Who Can Join? Mat classes aren’t suitable for anyone with any acute injuries, disc pathologies, or osteoporosis. Additionally, this environment is not where we feel the pre and post natal body will thrive- we suggest studio Pilates if you fall into any of these categories.

 Mums and Bubs Circuit Class

We offer a weekly Mums and Bubs circuit class on Fridays at lunchtime. These sessions are specifically reserved for Mums who want to bring along their little ones- there’s no pressure to keep quiet, time to feed and the flexibility to roll with how your wee one feels on the day, we even provide a playpen for those that are a bit more mobile. You can expect the class to be a combination of mat and equipment work, that moves the body in all planes of motion, and will both strengthen and assist in restoring mobility- counteracting the physical demands of motherhood.

Who Can Join? These classes require a little studio experience, so we ask that all participants have either taken part in one of our 8 Week Post Natal Courses or have completed a package of semi private studio sessions prior to joining the group.

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Mat Class Casual……$28
Mat Class 10 Pack……..$240

Mums and Bubs Circuit 5 Pack……..$175
Mums and Bubs Circuit 10 Pack……..$350
(Can be used to attend other circuit classes on the schedule when available)